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About Me 

Hi my name is Ella, I am the founder of Wabi-Sabi 's handmade custom jewelry. 

Since I was a young girl I've always dreamed to start a business. "BOOM" it's finally here.  I am so excited to show everyone what I have been working on.  A little information about me: I'm 13 years old in grade 8 and love to design clothes and accessories. I live in Toronto with my siblings and parents. After Covid hit I felt bored but I found inspiration in turning something I love doing into a small business. In the process I hope that it makes others happy. There's a lot to learn about running a business (especially while busy with school and other activities).  I'm so excited about where this journey will lead that I'm committed to working hard to make it happen. I want to send my love and gratitude to my parents for encouraging me. I love you guys so much. 


           The Meaning of  Wabi-Sabi


So I gave my very special neighbour John Ota a bracelet with his name and birthdate and apologized that in was uneven. But he said,”Oh cool, it’s like wabi-sabi!”. Huh? Waba -who? He explained that in Japanese culture if there is a chip or a crack in a vase it simply makes the object more interesting. In their culture they say it's important to accept imperfection in art and that things will constantly change.

This philosophy inspired me to name my company  Wabi-Sabi. I am not a  professional jewellery designer; I'm a teenager, learning and growing. In my excitement I made two necklace pendants with our new name... and misspelled them by stamping WABIE and SABIE!  But this shows just why I am  Wabi-Sabi. My handmade jewelry could never be perfect as I am not perfect... but I love what I do. Every piece will be imperfect, unique and made with love.


During these challenging times, we should appreciate authenticity wherever it can be found, and there’s nothing more authentic than our handmade jewellery. My brand is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi: the celebration of beauty in what’s natural… imperfections, flaws and all. 

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